If style is the message, then it’s only fair Prace be the messenger and Trencadis the gospel. Prace as the moniker bestows exudes a different kind of musical bravado on Trencadis. Like a shaman conjuring divine spirits out of grey skies. Joram ‘Prace’ Kroon has conjured into existence Trencadis EP; along with it a new music genre deemed ‘Dubnova’.

”DUBNOVA, the result of 18 months musical experimentation” 

Trencadis EP comes across as a spatial mosaic of dynamic beat-driven harmonics with Bossa influenced percussion rhythms and sumptuous melodies. Albeit its easy listening nature, Trencadis is a piñata of some sort: the more you listen the more you discover. As a holistic body of work, Prace’s Trencadis is a sonic labyrinth. With Latin rhythm, hiphop sounds and a dub approach as guiding walls leading to the center where Trencadis IV and II come together as a full composition only for the attentive listener.

As to whether Trencadis is the defining sound of the Prace, we leave that to your trusted judgment. Trencadis EP is INI Movement’s 12th release, available on Bandcamp as of October 18th 2013.

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The First Statement

Band :
Title : The First Statement
Release Date : mei 5, 2010
Label :
Format : CD