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Prace X Gnawa

Since the Atlas Electronic festival invited me to do a residence in Barcelona (2017), I’ve been heavily inspired by ‘Gnaoua/Gnawa’: A traditional spiritual music culture from the Sahara, Morocco.
After attending the Atlas Electronic music festival in Marrakech I’ve been on a journey to explore this beautiful and mystical tradition.

Prace x Black Koyo for Africadelic Festival 2020
The Africadelic festival had to take place online via Instagram.
Together with the Black Koyo Group I did a special performance.
I brought the visual artist LSDIA with me to create a beautiful live stream performance.

With Maallem Hassan
For Dancing On The Edge Festival
Pllek, Amsterdam 2019

Supersaha! This show was the highlight on a year of live music performance with Moroccan musicians! Thanks to YallahYallah I had the opportunity to play with a real Maalem (master musician OG) Hassan Boussou 😀 2019 was focussed on performing live electronic music in collaboration with traditional Moroccan musicians. To finish the year playing with a real gnaoua group was like a dream come true. There were live shows at: Festival Tweetakt, Rarara, Filmcafé, Pllek Live Stage, Convoi de Fête, Couleur Café - official, Buurland After, Valkhof Festival, Djemaa El Fna and finally Dancing on the Edge. And I want to thank everybody involved for the wonderful experiences and learning moments =^^=

Posted by Prace on Saturday, 8 February 2020

Live sets
Over the course of a year I’ve performed on several occasions
for several festivals and events like:
Convoi de Fete (Nijverheid, Utrecht),
Rarara & Buurland Afterparty (both at the Filmcafe, Utrecht)
and Djemaa el Fna Festival Rotterdam.

Backstage at Couleur Café I had an encounter with Black Koyo Gnaoua.
Here you see how our first jam session came about.

Prace x Gnawa Black Koyo

This performance was the first show after my journey to Morocco to explore Gnaoua music and do recording sessions with Moroccan musicians. Back in Utrecht I worked together with musical friends on a performance for Yallah! Yallah! at Tweetakt, Utrecht.

Research in the Sahara

Prararace live! Featuring Chaimaa Rochdi, Cengiz Arslanpay and Hicham Oujama with visuals by LSDIA. And a blessing by Abdoul1987 from Khemlya Sahara (Krakab and vocal chants hehe) First steps on this Gnaoua-Dub journey. Shukran all involved! Let's move forward. And look upwards to see where you are going..

Posted by Prace on Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Morocco exploration in 2019.
From the Sahara desert to Casa Blanca.
Teaching in Agadir and meeting musicians in Marrakech.
Can’t wait to go back…

Jamming with Abdoul1987 in Khamlya

Jamming with Abdoul1987 in Khamlya 😀 Mœrén Îrœn Lîœn plays the Gimbri and we recorded the krkrkrbararabakaabakabka at the 'Dar Gnawa' (=the house of gnawa). The recorded material is very inspiring and soon I will release some tracks. Can't wait to go back to Khamlya and continue playing together. Upcoming saturday at Festival Tweetakt you can hear how some of this material made its way into the new live set Yallah! Yallah!: Prace / Babylon Trio / Bu Kolthoum | Tweetakt

Posted by Prace on Thursday, 4 April 2019
This track is made in the Sahara and it will be online today!

Tomorrow thursday this song is up! Oh wait it is already tomorrow today. And everybody heading to Atlas Electronic 2019: Salute! And I hope it will be next level because Atlas can bring you to new high grounds =^^= Wish I could be there but yeah goodmorning to you sunshine

Posted by Prace on Wednesday, 28 August 2019

In 2017 Atlas Electronic invited me to go to Barcelona to work with the Gnawa group Jabouna Jabouna.
This was my first study trip to learn about the Gnawa tradition.

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