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Compositions & Music Production

The role of a composer

As a composer I write original music. Inspired by the many styles and cultures I’ve explore and adore. I’m always trying to explore the ‘meaning behind the sound’ in stead of just taking the sample.
I’ve loved Bossa Nova & Jazz harmonisations for ever and I’m heavily schooled by J Dilla, Hip-Hop and ‘Music Of Black Origin‘. Besides that I also love to write more conceptual music, for contemporary modern dance for example.

I’m looking for the meaning behind the sound and translating feelings into vibrations.

composition joram kroon

My sound is basically a mix of the best ingredients from different music-cultures and philosophies from all over the globe.
I combine the way Hip-Hop and Bass music sound with a Dubby reggae-influenced bassline, throw in some Funk & Jazz chords, make it narrative like classical music and explore non-Western music to create musical bridges between cultures.

My music is a clash of different styles coming together in the same track.


When I finished studying Composition and Music Production at the Utrecht School of Arts, I started to work on my own sound called Dubnova.
Dubnova is a hybrid of Bossa Nova with a ‘Dub-approach’ to the sound.
It’s a combination of sub bass-lines over Clave rhythms. Delay and Echo effects over latin instruments.

A music producer does many things

Exploring the world of music

For my music I’ve traveled to the middle east, Iraq and Morocco.
My first musical exploration was in mainly in West-bank & Israel. Studying Arabic music at the conservatory in Ramallah.
Together with Iris Vos I’ve also traveled to Iraq and Morocco to explore and converse in intercultural dialogue.

© Joram Kroon, 2018