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DJ & Performance

I started digging in the crates at a young age.
The turntable is actually my priority instrument, above playing piano & keys.
When I was a teenager I could only afford one turntable, so the only thing to do was scratching & battling in the Hip–Hop tradition.
Starting out as a turntablist playing Hip-Hop and Drumnbass.
Through Hip-Hop I discovered many other genres like Funk, Soul, Bossa Nova, Reggae and more. Today I’m DJ-ing all the music of the world.
As a veteran Battle DJ I’m well prepared for a wide variety of
challenging Dj performances.

Getto Beats

My love for music is very broad and deep. As a DJ I love to play the ‘Getto Beats’ from all over the world. Like Favela Funk from the Brazil Favela’s, mixed with the Afro-Portuguese style Koduro from the bairros of Lisbon. Highly danceable with exotic rhythms. Infused with heavy Dub-Reggae bass lines.

Besides firing up the dancefloor I also love to select beautiful music that enhances any setting you put me in.

I’m also a resident DJ at PLLEK, Amsterdam.
Giving support to the PLLEK Live Stage events.

Bankra sets

The Bankra bike Soundsystem is a ‘mobile Dj Stage’. Since 2016 we are conquering festival terrains all over Europe.

I’m involved as a DJ and content creator, and I’m in charge of the ‘Bankra Radio’.
The crew consists of bike-builders, DJ’s, dancers and other creatives that love to contribute to this beautiful project.

Bankra Radio
Through Bankra Radio we spread our sound and keep the crew together.
Mainly we’ve been doing our radio shows at Stranded.Fm, a local online radio station. Besides contributing to our local scene we are able to stream anywhere, anytime.

Live Performances

As a music performer I’m searching for new ways to perform electronic music. Het is een uitdaging nieuwe manieren te verkennen om muziek te performen. Er is een level van abstractie when you playing knobs and buttons. Ook bouwen we eigen instrumenten om electronische muziek te performen. Daarnaast haal ik inspiratie uit de gnawa muziek hoe je vanuit beperking muziek kan maken.

Prace x Black Koyo

Since 2018 I’m exploring the world of Gnaoua/Gnawa.
One of the biggest achievements is playing with the Black Koyo Gnawa group for Africadelic Festival 2020.
Together with the visual art of LSDIA.

Prace x Sattar

Together with Iraqese multi-intrumentalist  Sattar Al Saadi I’ve played several live performances.
He would play the Ney flute and Arabic percussion like Darbuka, Riq and the Djerba while I would create live beats with my electronic music setup.

The Hidden Agenda

Over the years I’ve also played keys and scratches in several bands.
Mainly within the Hip-Hop, Funk/Jazz idiom.

The Hidden Agenda was a Hip-Hop band with the rapper
Unnanounced Guest. We’ve played on festivals and venues around
The Netherlands.

© Joram Kroon, 2018